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Communication Mapping

Communication Mapping

Communication Mapping has been designed to improve the effectiveness of your communication at all levels, enabling you to communicate with greater purpose, precision and power.

The benefits of effective communication – whether in sales, management, or life in general – cannot be underestimated.

All successful communication is, without exception, the result of creating a successful attitude, which leads to successful actions, and produces successful outcomes. We have identified 11 key points and principles as the foundations of effective communication.

The days that we communicate really well are the days when we naturally action more of the elements of effective communication. Most people, even those who are extremely successful, are unaware of the subtle things they do to produce successful results. For many people, the process of communication is an automatic pattern of behaviour, governed by a 'mental map' of past experiences.

Communication Mapping has been developed to activate both halves of your brain. It imprints the 11 key points in your subconscious, enhancing your own mental map of effective communication.

The Personal Leadership Programme

Personal Leadership ProgrammeCommunication Mapping is available within the Personal Leadership Programme, Lift International’s prime vehicle for achieving individual, team or group empowerment.

This extraordinary, whole-life programme has been designed to enhance the qualities of success and leadership in everyone throughout the entire organisation, enabling people to be pro-active, productive, fully response-able and in complete ownership of their roles.

This five-day course comprises:

• Day one: Goal Mapping
Day two: Life Mapping
• Day three: Communication Mapping

• Day four: Authentic Coaching
Day five: Self Mapping

The core theme that is followed throughout the workshop is that of moving from your false self, or ego, to your true self or high self – your best you.

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“In the right key, one can say anything. In the wrong key, nothing: the only delicate part is the establishment of the key”
George Bernard Shaw