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If you are reading this, then maybe some part of you, like me, is drawn to making a difference in the world helping to lift lives. Finding the thing that makes your heart sing, your purpose, and helping other people find theirs is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of life.

Certified Goal Mappng Practitioner logoThe Certified Goal Mapping Coach programme is a life-changing experience for yourself, and a gift that you can share with anyone in business, education, wellbeing, sport or anything you want to achieve.

So whether you are a Coach, trainer, therapist, facilitator, manager or someone that is committed to making a difference, by using this new online course you will learn how to:

  • Coach your clients to achieve their goals, dreams and genuine success whilst boosting their self confidence and self belief
  • Build your clients' natural goal setting ability
    Keep your clients focused with clear and colourful maps for you both to interact with to get maximum results
  • Stand out with your unique offering of Goal Mapping to new prospective clients
  • Coach your clients to condition themselves for success using whole-brain activation
  • Enable your clients to achieve sustainable success using this powerful inside out approach

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Give your business the leading edge

Would you rather have the same one client buying more and more coaching sessions from you, or a client that authentically transforms themselvels and their results in record time and can't stop raving about you to everyone they know?

If it's the latter then let this Certified Goal Mapping Coach course give you the leading edge. Register now and get:

  • Your personal login details to discover how to coach the number one system for goal achievement – the Goal Mapping System
  • What you need to access and coach an established life-changing training programme, packed with rich content and a history of success spanning almost 20 years and reaching millions of people.
  • A comprehensive 'how to' system that lets you keep all profits generated by your coaching sessions.
  • Access to a community of like-minded, motivated and innovative individuals, all helping each other and all dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.
  • Information and exclusive offers to advanced courses, tools and client resources reserved only for Certified Goal Mapping Coaches.

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The Certified Goal Mapping Coach course

The course, will enable you to coach individuals on a one-to-one basis so they can learn the life-long skill of raising aspirations, setting expectations, and attaining goals. This course includes 14 powerful online training modules, with assignments and coaching factsheets, the ability to live chat with us and other students and also access to our discussion forum.

This certified Goal Mapping Coach course, has been specifically designed to enable you to coach individuals on a one-to-one basis so they can learn the life-long skill of raising aspirations, setting expectations, and attaining goals. The course is in three main parts:

Part One: The Need to Set Goals (Four modules)
This part consists of four core modules, covering: the dynamics of our changing lives and world; the science and power of positive thinking; the importance of developing drive, attitude and confidence; and the power of setting positive goals.

Part Two: The 7 Principles for Lifting Life (Seven modules)
The second part is designed to teach The Seven Principles of Lifting Life. This relates to the seven universal laws for creating successful outcomes. Each principle builds on the last, and when taken together they form a philosophy or approach for living a truly successful life. The principles serve as the foundation or 'platform of understanding' on which the system of Goal Mapping builds.

Part Three: Coaching the Goal Mapping Process (Four modules)
This part is in four modules: The SevenFundamental Laws of Creation; The Seven Empowering Questions; The Seven Steps for Creating a Goal Map; and the Goal Mapping Daily Ritual.

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The purpose of the course

The driving motivation and purpose behind this course is to empower people with the ability to set and achieve objectives. The Goal Mapping philosophy is based on scientific findings that support the fact that we are all natural goal setters.

Any achievement of any nature begins as a goal. Hence learning how to enhance this natural ability, and set goals correctly is conceived as a master skill for life. This skill enables an individual to learn or attain all other skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

Aims of the programme include:

  • Communicate the importance of setting regular goals
  • Share the universal laws of success as an approach to living life
  • Help build self-belief and genuine confidence
  • Coach and practise the system of Goal Mapping
  • Empower individuals to produce regular completed Goal Maps with action plans for their achievement.

Each of the modules includes:

  • A written content section
  • A video tutorial
  • Interactive exercises
  • A 'How to Coach' fact sheet
  • A module assignment
  • Additional downloads including Goal Mapping templates

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It's easy to use!

To complete the course, just follow these few simple steps for each module:

  1. Read the written content and complete the exercises
    The content is rich with information and is in easy to digest sections. Most modules have key learning points and exercises to help you learn and review the sections with ease.
  2. Review Video tutorial
    These are designed and delivered by the originator of Goal Mapping Brian Mayne and will further assist you to understand and comprehend each learning module.
  3. Review the How to Coach fact sheet
    Each module has a How to Coach fact sheet to support you in coaching the Goal Mapping system with your clients. By following the simple path laid out in each sheet you will be able to bring the programme alive, making each module relevant and resourceful to your clients in order to create true transformation and success.
  4. Complete assignment
    Once you have completed each module, you must complete the assignment for that module. The assignments are designed for you to check and deepen your understanding of the course material so that you can coach others in the Goal Mapping system.

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"Goal Mapping has not only changed the way my people work, but in many cases changed the way they lived. "
David Nicholson, Siemens



"This course has put me on purpose and improved my means to give my gift to others. The material is the best I have ever seen."
Kristyn Haywood,
Goal Mapping Practitioner, Australia



"The materials were all wonderfully easy to deliver and the style of the programme enabled us to practise and build confidence. I now live my goal of inspiring young people to live their best lives."
Jules Hall, Goal Mapping Practitioner, UK



"This workshop is excellent. My life is changing, transforming and impacting on others also."
Sandra H Gilpilan,
Goal Mapping Practitioner, UK