Our ever-popular range of books includes Brian Mayne’s bestselling Goal Mapping, his charming story-based goal-setting book for children, Sam the Magic Genie, and Brian and Sangeeta Mayne’s fun and easy-to-follow Life Mapping.

Self Mapping: The Practical Workbook 
By Brian Mayne

Self Mapping: The Practical Workbook Download now...Discover the way to improve and enhance your Self with this fantastic new book from self-help
guru Brian Mayne.

Set for publication in January 2009, Self Mapping will take you on a journey of Self discovery, through the stages of Self Awareness, Self Belief, Self Image, Self Esteem, Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Actualization, Self Integration and Self Renewal.

Along the way you will create your own Self Map. Using a combination of words and images, your Self Map is designed to activate the whole-brain.

Once completed it serves both as a conscious reminder about who you choose to become and a subconscious command to make it happen.

By regularly meditating on your Self Map you can integrates your low-self ego with your high-Self spirit to become your True Self; your natural and authentic self, or to put it simply, be your Self.

Paperback, 192 pages

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Goal Mapping: The Practical Workbook 
By Brian Mayne

Goal Mapping: The Practical Workbook Download now... Here's your chance to learn a master skill for life!

Goal Mapping is a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge accelerated learning woven together with goal setting principles into one holistic system for success. While traditional goal setting techniques focus on left-brain words and endless repetition to condition goals into the subconscious, Goal Mapping impacts your left and right brain by using imagery – the language of the subconscious - bringing words, pictures and symbols together to create extraordinary power.

Learning how to set and achieve goals is the master skill for life because it enables you to gain many other skills and abilities. This book helps you develop the natural ability of conscious intention into a powerful skill. Whatever your dream, Goal Mapping can help you achieve it.

Paperback, 240 pages

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Sam the Magic Genie 
By Brian Mayne

Sam the Magic Genie by Brian Mayne Download now...Give your child the gift of learning how to set and accomplish simple goals.

Sam the Magic Genie is Brian Mayne's enchanting story about a small boy who embarks on an insightful adventure with his magic genie, Sam. Together they explore the vibrant world of choice and thought - discovering how our thoughts produce our feelings, which, in turn, shape the life we create for ourselves.

This imaginative story uses colourful, imaginative language to capture the essence of personal development, translating words of wisdom into simple and fun explanations. Teaching how to appreciate the freedom we all have to choose peace and happiness for ourselves, Sam the Magic Genie is an inspiring gift for grown-ups and children alike!

Both educational and emotive, this beautiful story will capture your heart and mind, and the powerful truths, simply told, are sure to move you to laughter, tears and joy.

Paperback, 96 pages

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Life Mapping 
By Brian and Sangeeta Mayne

Life Mapping by Brian and Sangeeta Mayne Download now...In three simple steps, this accessible, effective and fun book enables you to create a design for the best version of yourself and your life that you can possibly imagine:

1. Identify your life purpose.

2. Clarify qualities of character that
    enable you to achieve this aim.

3. Create your own life map to help
    you 'internalise' your chosen
    qualities of character.

The result is a vivid, visual map that will enable you to embrace change and integrate all aspects of your potential into one balanced and powerful whole.

Paperback, 224 pages

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